ARIES GROUP Launched in 1998 with a vision of providing quality services to the global maritime industry, Aries Group of Companies is a renowned multinational business conglomerate of 50 companies operating in 16 countries. Founded by Sohan Roy, Naval architect entrepreneur and a visionary business leader, Aries Group core activities are focused on Marine, Media, Medical and Entertainment sectors.


One of the world's largest and fastest growing industries in the world, Healthcare sector consumes over 10 % of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of most developed nations, forming an enormous part of a countries economy. With rising demand for quality health care services and experience, shortage of appropriate skilled healthcare staff have become a big concern in both developing and non developing countries. Thus it is important that the right talent is recruited, developed and retained to create a robust and integrated healthcare system, and minimize economic risks to the organization.

Aries Medical Staffing Solution is an initiative of Aries Overseas Services LLC, which specializes in temporary and direct placements of healthcare professionals across the country. Our award-winning team relies upon deep industry knowledge, state-of-the-art recruiting technology and advanced data analytics to expertly match qualified candidates with sought-after employers quickly and precisely.

Aries Medical Staffing Solution is the only WMC accredited Medical HR service establishment which provides Overseas Medical Recruitment Services in the country.

This project is being launched by Aries Overseas Services LLC with the support of AlMRI, Medi BizTV and WMC. Here we shall utilize the core strengths of Medi BizTV visual content, WMC organization support and AIMRI's unique interactive training methods to make Aries Medical Staffing Solution a unique platform for aspiring healthcare professionals.


To provide Professional HR service to Medical Industry with WMC accreditation


  • To provide Overseas Medical Recruitment Services
  • To identify WMC accredited Medical Manpower for immediate placement
  • To provide quality HR service
  • To verify the Professional Back Ground of Medical Professionals
  • To provide online CME programs
  • To provide UAE licensing EXAM Support
  • To provide Pre medical, immigration clearance, legal services related to Medical HR
  • To provide Efficiency Based HR training
  • To provide HR Training videos
  • To track and review the professional performance of practicing Medical Professionals to avail temporary or permanent WMC accreditation
  • To provide Social media recruitment

Medi BizTV is the only exclusive Global Medical TV channel which was launched in the year 2013. With an effort to bring healthcare at your doorstep, Medi BizTV's team of experts deal with:

  • Medical Content Generation
  • Online CME programme
  • WMC accreditation
  • Medical Events & Awards
  • HR training videos


AIMRI is a premier i-university imparting high quality industrial education through a comprehensive, well knit and most advanced course structure, to equip the young aspirants with skills to enhance their personality and to realize their ambitions. Launched in association with Marine BizTV, AIMRI has a reputed presence with a 100 % placement of highly skilled professionals in the global industry . AIMRI also offers efficiency-based HR training via Efficiency Improvement System Management (EFFISM), an online monitoring platform which offers efficient and effective supervision of training for better productivity and quality.

We provide:

  • Venue for HR training
  • Online HR Training
  • Short term courses
  • Industrial Research and Patent Registration
  • International Paper Presentation


World Medical Council (WMC), is a non-profit making organizatiorn designed for the continuous and conscious development of the medical industry. The council works to spread the message of healthy living in our community through its strategic alliances and helps advance every facet of the medical industry and reflect its unique perspective to our society.

WMC accreditation Procedure:

  • Profile to be nominated by an accredited member or office bearers
  • Online verification
  • Certificate verification
  • Industry verification
  • CME test if requires
  • To provide temporary accreditation initially
  • To provide permanent accreditation after 3 years of professional service verification
  • Accreditation may be suspended or terminated against criminal acts or professional negligence
  • To recognize the accredited Professionals
  • To act as the accreditation for various medical associations across the world