Medi BizTV is a 24 hour free to air satellite TV channel dedicated to serve and spread the message healthy living among our fellow community members. At, Medi BizTV we try to focus on health literacy to help our Government and other health agencies such as WHO, UNESCO to implement their policies and make their efforts fruitful. Medi BizTV hopes to become a core source of information and entertainment which can be savored and enjoyed by individuals from all age groups alike. This International TV channel, not only share primary health education to global public but also would teach them the importance of test, treat and track. The channel would go live via its 24/7 online arm, WEB TV started 19th October 2013 and its full fledged satellite TV has been launched on May 2014 on APSTAR – 7 . Medi BizTV is launched by well being, Marine BizTV, the world’s first global maritime TV channel in association with Aries Marine, the largest Ship design consultancy firm and BizTV Network, producers of two Oscar selected movies DAM999 and Saint Dracula 3D. Medi BizTV - an effort to bring 'Healthcare at your Doorstep' .

Medi BizTV is the only exclusive Global Medical TV channel which was launched in the year 2013. With an effort to bring healthcare at your doorstep, Medi BizTV's team of experts deal with:

  • Medical Content Generation
  • To provide Online CME program
  • WMC accreditation
  • Medical Events & Awards
  • HR training videos



AIMRI is a premier i-university imparting high quality industrial education through a comprehensive, well knit and most advanced course structure, to equip the young aspirants with skills to enhance their personality and to realize their ambitions. Launched in association with Marine BizTV, AIMRI has a reputed presence with a 100 % placement of highly skilled professionals in the global industry . AIMRI also offers efficiency-based HR training via Efficiency Improvement System Management (EFFISM), an online monitoring platform which offers efficient and effective supervision of training for better productivity and quality

We provide:

  • Venue for HR training
  • Online HR Training
  • Short term courses
  • Industrial Research and Patent Registration
  • International Paper Presentation



World Medical Council (WMC), is a non-profit making organizatiorn designed for the continuous and conscious development of the medical industry. The council works to spread the message of healthy living in our community through its strategic alliances and helps advance every facet of the medical industry and reflect its unique perspective to our society.
WMC accreditation Procedure:

  • Profile to be nominated by an accredited member or office bearers
  • Online Verification Certificate verification Industry verification
  • CME test if requires
  • To provide temporary accreditation initially .
  • To provide permanent accreditation after 3 years of professional service verification Accreditation may be suspended or terminated against criminal acts or professional negligence
  • To recogníze the accredited Professionals
  • To act as the accreditation for various medical associations across the world